G&A Ranked by Chambers and Partners in 2020


Chambers and Partners re-affirmed their previous selection of G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co. as a leading IP firm in 2020. The firm is ranked in the Intenllectual Property section, while the editor noted as follows:
"What the team is known for Well-regarded firm which garners particular recognition for its expertise in service inventions. Possesses notable experience handling patent matters for start-ups. Offers expertise in the areas of software and hi-tech, particularly chip development and cybersecurity. Active on a range of IP mandates including patent and trade mark infringement, licensing matters and oppositions.
Strengths A client appreciated that "they are very dedicated, thorough and responsive," adding: "They really understand technology and come up with good ideas. They are very proficient with all the details.""
Chambers also ranks partner Ziv Glazberg personally in Intellectual Property and in patent & trademarks agents. The editorial section explains the selection:
"Ziv Glazberg advises clients on a wide range of IP disputes, with particular expertise in employee inventions. A happy client commented on his ability to "shape and adjust to customer needs," adding: "He has a very personal approach. He is very creative and unique in the way he thinks and creates the applications."
Ziv Glazberg is well regarded as a patent attorney and has an "amazingly good background in computer science," according to interviewees. Market observers say: "He is very diligent as a lawyer and very knowledgeable. He really understands the system and what will likely work and what will not.""