What is litigation?

Litigation is the art of representing a client's interest in a court of law or in any other judicial forum, in order to secure the client's rights.

Litigation is at the core of advocacy. It is a duel in front of a deciding audience, with the weapons of battle being knowledge of the law, intimate familiarity with the details of the case, creativity, and agility of mind. A litigator must understand the set of legal tools at his disposal and be able to choose the right combination, tactically and strategically, that will achieve the client’s goals.
G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co. handles the litigation in Israel of different types of legal disputes. Our litigation services in Israel include:
  • Litigating cases before courts of law, legal tribunals and other judicial forums.
  • Representing proprietors, inventors and third parties in front of the Israeli Commissioner for patents, trademarks and designs (ILPO).
  • Managing alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including negotiations, mediation, and arbitration.

Why choose us?

At G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co., we believe that representing a client's case is a complex task, which requires the best of our skills and knowledge. We believe that in order to litigate skillfully, we must first master the details of the case and understand the everchanging needs of the client.

The task also demands a deep understanding of the law and precedents, as well as the legal theories justifying them. To this end, we constantly monitor the evolution of the law and familiarize ourselves with new precedents, in Israel and around the globe.

We are constantly rethinking our next moves, adapting our tactics to the reactions of the adverse party as well as the comments by the judicial forum. We continuously review the potential tools at our clients' disposal, be they legal or non-legal, to assess whether they provide our clients with an advantage for reaching their goals.

In short, at G & A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co. we believe that diligent and thorough work, combined with creativity and a honed legal mind, are the cornerstones to litigating a client's matter successfully.

Contact us to assess the merits of your litigation case, and to learn about alternative ways to settle your dispute.

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