Accessibility Statement

This website is owned by G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co., Advocates and Patent Attorneys, who operate in Israel for the registration and protection of Intellectual Property rights, including trademarks, patents, designs and copyrights.

We strive to make our services accessible to all audiences, including by making our website accessible to those of special needs. The website is made accessible through the use of an accessibility menu, which hovers over the site and which is accessible in all pages of the site. The accessibility menu allows modification of font sizes, modifying the colors and visibility of the site, preventing animations, and the like. 

Physical Accessibility

Our offices are located in fully accessible buildings. When you reach us, if you require assistance, please ask the concierge at the lobby or call our front desk at +972-3-7774777.

Accessibility Level

  • Navigation tools in the site are clear and simple.
  • We try to write as clear as content as possible, and make use of hierarchies.
  • The site is adapted to be used with modern web browsers.
  • The display is adapted to various screen sizes and resolutions.
  • The user can zoom-in or out using the ctrl button and the score wheel of the mouse.
  • We do not use moving or blinking texts

Although we attempt to make all pages accessible, there may still be pages that are not accessible. If you encounter such problems. please contact us at Kindly provide us with the following information:
  • The issue and what you have tried to do.
  • A link to the problematic page.
  • The version of your Operating System and web browser.
  • Any additional information that can be useful.