Innovid Revolutionizes Video Marketing With First Omni-Channel Marketing Cloud Integrations


Innovid, the world's leading video marketing platform for advertisers to engage consumers across all screens and channels, announced the launch of its Marketing Cloud Suite. The new suite enables marketers, for the first time, to include video throughout the customer journey through its integrations with Adobe, IBM, and Oracle marketing clouds.

Innovid's new innovative Cloud Suite breaks the separation between video and other marketing channels and allows marketers, for the first time, to develop more meaningful relationships with consumers by using first and third-party data from other marketing channels such as web, email, search, display, social, mobile, and commerce to drive more consumer engagement with richly personalized and relevant video ads. By using data to deliver more effective video creative, and now integrating video throughout the customer journey, marketers can provide powerful one-to-one marketing which could not previously be achieved.
"On the other side of every screen is a unique individual, and we have an incredible opportunity to help marketers engage each consumer in a more personal way," said Zvika Netter, CEO and co-founder at Innovid. "With the new Marketing Cloud Suite, Innovid is empowering marketers to convert existing TV ads into video that can be tailored for all digital environments and customized for specific consumers, based on past exposure and interactions across all channels."

Source: MarketWired