Nadav Applebaum


Nadav Applebaum
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Israeli Bar Association
Intellectual Property Committee - Israeli Bar Association (Tel Aviv District)
Green Course;


LL.B. (Haifa University)
BA in Psychology (Haifa University)


Hebrew; English


Nadav Applebaum, attorney at law, heads the firm's litigation department, representing our clients' interests in legal disputes.

Nadav holds academic degrees in both Law and Psychology. Prior to his legal career, Nadav served as an investigator for crime authorities and major financial institutions. Today, Nadav serves in the IDF reserve in the elite MIA location unit.

Nadav is a veteran green activist. He was a coordinator in the Green Course movement, a member of its management committee, and one of the founders of its legal forum. Nadav also assisted in the founding of the Green Movement party, where he has held various positions. Nadav has been involved in many environmental campaigns, both as an active participant and as a legal advisor.

During Nadav's studies, he was awarded a scholarship for outstanding law students from the Willie Eftovitzer Foundation.

Before becoming a partner at G&A Glazberg, Applebaum & Co., Nadav worked in various litigation departments at Nir Cohen, Leshem & Co. and at Markman & Tomashin. During this time, he gained extensive experience in handling complex cases before a variety of legal forums. Nadav combines his legal talent, his experience as an investigator, and his academic background in psychology to develop a strategy for each of our clients’ cases.

Nadav's wide-ranging experience and skills allow him to litigate intellectual property and other complex legal cases in any and all legal forums.

Pending patent applications and issued patents (as inventor)

  • US Patent 9,623,604 , " Encoding information in physical properties of an object "
  • U.S. Patent 10,248,824, "Encoding information in physical properties of an object"
  • Israel Patent 230637, " Method and apparatus for encoding information in physical properties of an object "