Ziv Glazberg


Ziv Glazberg
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Israeli Bar Association
New York State Bar Association
Vice Chairman, Intellectual Property Committee – Israeli Bar (TA & Center Dist.) (2011-2015)
Deputy Chairman, Corporations Committee - Israeli Bar (Center Dist.) (2016-Today)


LL.B. (Haifa University, magna cum laude)
B.A in Computer Science (Open University, magna cum laude)
B.A in Economics (Haifa University, magna cum laude)


Hebrew; English


Ziv Glazberg, an Israeli Advocate and Patent Attorney, as well as a NY attorney at law, heads the firm's intellectual property and patent department, which handles procurement of intellectual property rights in Israel and abroad.

The acclaimed Legal 500IAM Patent 1000 and Client Choice guides have listed Ziv as one of the top IP lawyers in Israel.

Ziv holds three Bachelor degrees – in Law, in Computer Science and in Economics – all awarded with honors. Ziv's academic career began at the age of 15, while a freshman in high-school. Prior to his legal career, Ziv was a researcher in one of the largest corporate research facilities in Israel and served as a programmer in the Israeli Air Force. He is the published author of several papers on software verification and a named inventor of seven patent applications and issued patents in this field. He is also on the staff of the IDF's Computer Science Academy (Mamram) and lectures there regularly.

Ziv's legal career began at the Supreme Court of Israel under the guidance of Justice Levy. Ziv was awarded The Knesset (The Israeli legislative branch) education committee award for outstanding students, and has won Aladdin prize for Outstanding Student Papers in Law & Technology.

Ziv has gained extensive experience in prosecuting and litigating patent rights in Israel and abroad. Specifically, Ziv has participated in several patent infringement lawsuits filed in various federal district courts in the United States. 

Today, Ziv combines his unique set of superb technical skill and sharpened legal understanding to provide all patent-related services to high-tech companies. Ziv provides technical inventors with a simple interface to the highly complex patent law. Among his clients are entrepreneurs, mid-sized high tech companies and Fortune 500 conglomerates. 

During his spare time, Ziv maintains a patent blog in Hebrew.


Pending patent applications and issued patents (as inventor)

  • U.S. Patent 8,019,824, "Remotely Operating Computer Software Applications Using Low Bandwidth"
  • U.S. Patent 7,853,932, "System, Method and Computer Program Product for Checking a Software Entity"
  • U.S. Patent 7,793,263, "Decision Support Tool for Interleaving Review Software Testing"
  • U.S. Patent 7,921,411, "Model Checking of Non-Terminating Software Programs"
  • U.S. Patent 8,209,667, "Software Verification using Hybrid Explicit and Symbolic Model Checking"
  • U.S. Patent 7,861,231, "System and Method of Identification of Dangling Pointers"
  • U.S. Patent 7,990,980, "Modeling Non-Deterministic Priority Queues For Efficient Model Checking"
  • U.S. Patent 9,623,604, "Encoding information in physical properties of an object"
  • Israel Patent 230637, "Method and apparatus for encoding information in physical properties of an object"